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Incident Desk not only allows you to consolidate all your business and facility activities in one easy-to-use solution but also provides back-end integration capabilities to upload and manage system alarms and information from any number of systems at any number of sites.

Incident Desk with back-end integration will:

1.    Provide a solution where back-end system alarms commonly found in facilities (BMS, access control, CCTV) can be integrated, thereby having one interface where all human generated and system generated incidents can be managed and reported.

2.    Provide this functionality via the cloud (secure hosted server environment) whereby all distributed sites, resources and back-end information systems can be consolidated, managed and reported on in real-time. 


Easy Alarm integration

The easiest and most cost efficient alarm integration method is alarm email integration. Most back-end system have email capabilities whereby emails are generated on preset conditions. These alarm emails can be sent to Incident Desk where it can be managed and reported in one simple interface. 


Detailed reports can be generated for each asset (BMS or otherwise) at each site. All incidents related to a specific incident category or alarm can be viewed and each step to resolve an alarm or incident can be scrutinized in detail.

All incidents, alarms and maintenance activities related to a site and specific asset can be analysed over weeks, months or years from any distributed location. 



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