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Incident Desk COVID-19 People Management Solution provides you with an easy mobile method for managing compliance with government stipulated COVID-19 safety protocols and identifying and managing employee infections. The solution makes it easy to register employees or log daily health checks and screenings, and identifying a Person Under Investigation (PUI). It also enables the quick retrieval of employee or patient status, history and personal information. The mobile app works in conjunction with the Incident Desk back-end management portal.

The solution will also assist companies which utilize service providers to ensure that the manpower provided to them are compliant with Government regulations and have completed daily health checks and screenings.

Health checks and incidents can be logged and shared between multiple service providers and entities such as companies and their outsource service provider. These incidents can be shared and viewed on a national, provincial and employer level depending on access rights.

Register a new person
Log a daily health check

Facial Recognition is used in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) to uniquely identify, register and retrieve a person’s information. This is done by:

  • Taking a photo via the smart phone app;

  • Or uploading a photo via the smart phone app or web

  • Or doing a name search if a photo cannot be taken

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