The Incident Desk browser based application utilizes certain Adobe Flash components to function. Adobe Flash will be retired from operation on 31 December 2020. Due to this Incident Desk will be migrating to a desktop application. The desktop application has certain advantage for our users such as:


  • it is faster

  • improved security

  • has more space as the browser border will fall away.


The application is available for download using the following link:



Download IncidentDesk from the Microsoft Store by clicking on the button below.

IncidentDesk Microsoft Store.png


MSIX is the latest installation packages used by Windows replacing the old EXE installation file type. MSIX Core brings MSIX support to versions of Windows earlier than Windows 10, version 1709. 


MSIX Core enables the installation of MSIX apps on previous versions of Windows

MSIX Core is built for the following Windows versions that don't currently natively support MSIX:

  • Windows 7 SP1

  • Windows 8.1

  • Currently supported Windows Server (with Desktop Experience)

  • Windows 10 versions prior to 1709

For assistance with the download and installation please see the associated help file on this page.


For Windows 10 users the Desktop application will be available on the Windows app store from 2021.

For Windows users other than Windows 10 the application will be available from this download page.

For Apple Mac users the Desktop application will be available on the Apple app store from 2021.