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Facial Recognition

Incident Desk Facial Recognition service has a number of applications from managing human assets, social services, people of interest or VIPs.


It has the following market leading advantages:

  • It is available on both mobile and web

  • It has real-time analysis, search and incident compilation functionality.

  • It provides for a massive distributed, multi-tenant architecture with a real-time centralized database.

  • The facial registration process is POPI compliant

The Incident Desk web and smart phone app include the following functions:

  • Scan a person and see if they are already enrolled in the data base

  • If not the person can be registered

  • The service will automatically estimate the person’s race, sex and age

  • Incidents can then be logged against or associated with a person

  • All incidents which the person was involved in can be compiled and viewed.

A person also does not have to be registered or loaded on the system. Photos of individuals involved in incidents or service requests can be attached to the related incidents and photos of individuals searched against the database. The system will then return the incidents and a hot spot map of the incidents they were involved in.

Incident Desk FR interface.png
Facial Recognition - register user.png
Facial Recognition - facial match.png
Facial Recognition - user details.png
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