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QR Codes

The Incident Desk QR Code function aims to provide the user with basic and easy to use QR code scanning functionality. It allows an Incident Desk smart phone app user to easily log incidents against an asset and log remote users on-duty.

The QR Code module have 3 main functions:

  1. To identify an ASSET by scanning an ASSET QR code. An incident can then be logged against the ASSET.

  2. To identify a RESOURCE by scanning a RESOURCE QR code. The identification will be used to log the RESOURCE or remote worker on-duty. Each time the RESOURCE is scanned Incident Desk will create a separate on-duty incident which, in turn, will create a log of the RESOURCE way-points.

  3. Locating either an ASSET or RESOURCE by scanning a SITE QR code. The scanning of a SITE is one of the options available to identify the location of an incident. The user can choose to use any of the other location identification methods.


Incident Desk QR Codes - resources.png
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