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Smart Cities

The Smart Cities model seeks to promote safety in cities, councils, districts, commercial and residential estates by integrating information from multiple sources and providing a consolidated “big picture” view. Incident Desk not only connects many buildings, shopping malls, schools and more in one solution but also interlinks the teams responding to the service requests (public safety officers, security officers social services, municipal managers and building maintenance crews), providing them with accurate and up-to-date information that is backed up by an efficient end-to-end management solution.


  • The functionality to receive information from multiple sources using multiple communication mediums.

  • The fast and effective ability to capture, categorise, route, track and resolve incidents.

  • The consolidation of data into service desk and dashboard functions in real-time.

  • Incident Desk uses heat maps and visual depictions.

  • Incident Desk dashboards provide analytics and intelligence.

  • The capacity to run multiple smart phone apps on a single system, which is ideal for both public groupings and service providers


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