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Smart Cities Social Services

The Smart Cities model aims to promote equitable safety, maintenance and social services in cities, councils and districts by integrating real-time information from multiple sources and providing a consolidated “big picture” view.


The Incident Desk Social Services module assists with the management and service provision to homeless people in our cities. It combines both the personal information files and service management into one coherent, user friendly solution. Furthermore is consolidates the interaction between social services, maintenance and safety and security into one real-time platform.


  • Mobile registration of homeless people in a POPI/GDPR compliant process.

  • POPI/GDPR compliant process to uniquely identify individual using facial recognition.

  • Mobile retrieval of personal files and services history.

  • Mobile questionnaires and capturing of personal information and services.

  • Pre-approved service provider lists for inter-agency information sharing.


Incident Desk Social Services.png
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