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How Incident Desk Works in 3 Easy Steps

Incident Desk can be customised to specific needs in a number of different environments – ranging from facilities, asset and mixed-use management to matters of public safety and security.

With clear concepts, easy-to-use functions, multiple communication options, activity tracking maps and fast performance, Incident Desk helps managers coordinate, collate and oversee their businesses with greater efficiency, transparency, compliance and cost control.

No-Code Platform

Incident Desk is a powerful no-code service management platform and sources incidents and service requests from numerous sources such as call centre operators, our own smart phone apps, third party smart phone apps and IOT devices.

Multi-tenant, multi-category

Incident Desk provides you with comprehensive multi-tenant, multi-category management capabilities. Depending on what is logged and the GPS location of the incident, Incident Desk will automatically route the service request to an entity, department or person.

Supporting Modules

Incident Desk has numerous supporting modules such as People management with facial recognition, assets and  mobile worker management.

All in 1 Solution

Multi-Service Management

Incident Desk smart phone app
Incident Desk COVID-19 app login screen.
Incident Desk Overview

Why choose us?

Cost effective

Incident Desk offers competitive installation costs and maintenance fees.

Wherever you go

Monitor every aspect of your facility/city from a desktop, via the web or through the app.

In-house or in the cloud

Incident Desk can be configured as a fully cloud-based managed service or installed on-site as a stand-alone in-house solution.

Easy to use

Incident Desk is based on clear concepts and easy-to-use functions. It is also a Wizard-based system, which means that it’s really easy to install and manage.

Many to many

Incident Desk can deal with an unlimited number of geographical areas, service providers (e.g. boroughs, security companies and social services) and members of the public.

Many sources, one system

Manage SMS, email, smartphone apps and existing third party software, and integrate it into one solution. This saves time, prevents information from “slipping through the cracks” and gives you visibility.


The system is built to adapt as your requirements change. You can add what you need (e.g. a new service supplier or category) as you go – without requiring advanced technical skills or additional money.

Best practice

Shared services keep growing, which means that shared information, across a collective, is available for analysis. Naturally this is only done once all necessary legal boxes are crossed and all ‘i’s are dotted.


Incident Desk is fully enabled to handle a “built environment”. This means that the system can give you invaluable reporting on incidences and activities in any sized geographic area (e.g. across countries, counties, cities, buildings, floors or rooms).

All together now

The mobile app makes Incident Desk available to everyone, everywhere. There is no limit to the number of apps that can use the system at the same time. This means that you, your service suppliers and members of your community can simultaneously communicate and process activities.

Public Safety

Incident Desk uses SMS, email, heat maps, geo-location tracking and mobile devices to collate, track and identify all incidents related to the general public. These powerful reporting capabilities enable management to track areas that indicate high risk and take measures to proactively prevent crime and accidents.



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